How we create value in our lives through the five pillars



A lot of times we find that our behaviors are triggered based off of an emotional response.  We focus on any painful or difficult emotions and provide an open space for these emotions to be discussed.  Our Mentors offer guidance on how these emotions can be handled in a healthy way, shying away from the unhealthy behaviors of the addict or alcoholic.



Substance abuse and alcoholism is often times creating relief by filling what was once an internal void with external factors.  We focus on building our members from the inside out.  Referring books to read, teaching mental discipline by incorporating routines into members lives and offering guidance that will in turn produce mental strength and stability. 



It has been proven by many that incorporating physical health into the lives of those who are struggling help combat depression, anxiety and a number of other mental illnesses.  We have a certified trainer who can answer any questions in regards to exerting and diet suggestions that can be incorporated into members lives.



We incorporate the 12 step principle that we must come to believe in a power greater than ourselves.  Incorporating spirituality to our daily practices has been proven to help with addicts and alcoholics.  We can offer any guidance on how it is that we found a power greater than ourselves, while also touching on the importance of prayer and meditation. 



Many agree with the fact that money cannot buy happiness, however it is very important in modern day to have money.  We offer assistance with society to maintain our livelihood and have some financial support.  We offer help with employment opportunities, budget planning and overall financial guidance for those who need help with finances.